Top 10 Cryptocurrency That Can Make You A Millionaire In 2018 – Very Special

2017 has been a Year for the Crpto World, We are looking for better result in 2018

#1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin will always be on top of the list with a market capitalization of $252,437,899,838. created by Satoshi Nakamoto at the time, it was the only virtual currency available in the market. You can buy 1 BTCUSD Bitcoin US Dollar by paying $15,034.501832 (9 Jan 2018) as its the costliest virtual currency in the market accepted and legalized in many countries. See the countries where bitcoin is legal and also countries where bitcoin is illegal.

The Bitcoin miners are the key to Bitcoin security and miners are responsible for the creation of new bitcoins. But keeping you Bitcoin safe is the most important thing to do after buying bitcoin. You should also learn about our 2017 Bitcoin Price Forecast.

#2. Ethereum

A platform built for smart contracts that is controversial due to its recent hard fork which resulted in diverging blockchains. The market cap of Ethereum is $111,458,911,356 with a price of around $1,150.75.

#3. Ripple

Ripple is a real time gross settlement system network by ripple. It was introduced in the year 2012 and has a market cap of $93,760,352,273. You can buy one unit with a price of around $2.42.

#4. Litecoin

It’s also an open source pear-to-pear digital currency same like Bitcoin. The market cap of Litecoin is $13,794,142,958 with a value of around $252.30 for 1 Litecoin.

#5. Monero

Monero is an open-source virtual currency founded in April 2014 that focuses on privacy and decentralization. Moreover, the market cap of Monero is $6,222,176,747 with a value of around $399.40 US Dollar for a unit.


#6. Ethereum Classic

Although it as not so famous but it has a market cap of $3,407,913,679 and value of approximately $34.43.

#7. Dash

Dash, formerly  Xcoin and Darkcoin and is open peer-to-peer virtual currency. It was introduced 3 years ago and have a market cap of around $8,424,564,008.

#8. Electroneum

The cryptocurrency with a market cap of $824,463,794 and price of around $0.164975 per unit.

#9. Dogecoin

The Dogecoin has a market cap of $1,690,325,730 with the value of $0.015000.

#10. Cardano

ADA is going to make a huge hit it currently has market cap of $23,378,154,306 with value of $0.901689